Drop-In Well

The refrigerated drop-in units designed by Studio 54 offer the perfect solution to organize and display the food products. Available in different sizes, from a length of 2 to 5 areas, the stainless steel drop-in wells – with or without built-in compressor – match the customer’s needs, preserving food and keeping intact their nutritional properties. Attention to details, raw material choice, convenience, low energy consumption and an easy cleaning: these are the ingredients of success for Studio 54 refrigerating drop-in units.

Pizza making
Beer and beverage
Food service
Ice-cream shop


Studio 54 offers a wide range of products addressed to the large and small scale retail trade: refrigerating cabinets, tables and counters, blast chillers, refrigerating and hot displays, minibar. Starting from the standard products in the price list, Studio 54 offers an extraordinary customizing service to answer every demand.

  • Upright Cabinets

    Upright Cabinets

    Studio 54 upright refrigerators control temperature and relative humidity consistency inside the refrigerating cell, optimizing the durability of the product

  • Counters


    Essential to optimize all the spaces in a kitchen or in a laboratory, the refrigerating counters ensure the utmost efficiency even for the most demanding professional

  • Blast Chiller

    Blast Chiller

    Refined and efficient, the blast chillers improve efficiency and organization for the professionals of the cooking sector.

  • Displays


    All the refrigerated bar displays, counters and refrigerated wall displays convey quality and efficiency: they ensure the utmost convenience combined with a refined design

  • Drop-In Well

    Drop-In Well

    Attention for details and materials, convenient and easy to clean: Studio 54 refrigerating drop-in wells are perfect for every professional in the food service.

  • Concept Line

    Concept Line

    “Concept” is a line of combinable refrigerating tables and neutral stainless steel modules designed to fit all the spaces of the food service sector