Blast chiller - ALEXANDER

  • CHILLING CYCLE: it reduces the temperature to heart of foodstuff from +70°C to +3°C within 90 minutes
  • FREEZING CYCLE: it reduces the temperature to heart of foodstuff from +70°C to -18°C within 240 minutes
  • The thermal shock reduces the bacterial proliferation without changing the organolectic features and the product quality
  • External / internal body made in certified AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Insulation 50/60mm through high density polyurethane-foam without CFC and HCFC
  • Stainless steel full door with vertical handle with magnetic seal gasket
  • Cooling installation with built-in compressor, ventilated refrigeration and anti-corrosion painted evaporator
  • Digital temperature device with selection of chilling or freezing cycles with time or temperature priority
  • Probe to measure the heart temperature of foodstuff
  • Manual defrosting system
  • Condensing water collection on the cold storage bottom through drain pipe on manual tank
  • Inside feature mod. ALEXANDER 5-10-15: Frame to insert 5-10-15 GN1/1 trays or 5-10-15 trays 600x400 (standard version with supplied 1 x GN1/1 grate and 1 x 600x400 grate)
  • Inside feature mod. ALEXANDER 2/3: S/s racks to insert 3 x GN2/3 trays (standard version with supplied 1 x GN2/3 grate on “U” S/s runners)
  • Adjustable feet (on request wheels)
  • Voltage 230/50Hz/1N in the ALEXANDER 2/3 and 5 models
  • Voltage 400/50Hz/3N in the ALEXANDER 10 and 15 models (on request 230/50Hz/1N)
  • Refrigerant R452a
  • Ambient testing temperature +30°C – 55% R.H. – Cl. 4

Blast Chiller

The blast chiller is an essential element for long lasting food preservation. Food service, pastry, bakery, ice-cream making, catering are just some of the sectors in which Studio 54 blast chillers offer a perfect professional solution. With the support of cutting-edge technology, the blast chillers avoid the build-up of bacteria responsible of the quick food spoilage and they keep the food at the correct temperature, preserving sanity and taste. Refined and functional, Studio 54 blast chillers improve efficiency and organization for food service experts.

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Blast chiller